Student Scholarship Fund


In an effort to increase student attendance to the symposia, MAHHI has developed a scholarship fund. Donations to this fund will be used to subsidize student registration for future symposia. This fund will be used to add additional scholarships to the two student scholarships already offered through MAHHI. These additional scholarships will be offered as funds allow.

This scholarship fund is the first step in a multi-step fund raising program that is intended to help to build a strong student presence within MAHHI. In the future we hope to be able to provide a student travel fund to assist students with their travel expenses to the annual meeting, offset expenses for tuition subsidies for MAHHI sponsored classes, and provide assistance for student research projects. There are also plans underway for a subsidy fund for educators to increase teacher attendance at the meeting and other MAHHI events.

To donate to the student scholarship fund, please contact MAHHI at

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